Victims of Family Marriage

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According to international surveys Middle Eastern countries in particular Iran hold the highest rank for close family marriages in the world. These marriages all across Iran are on the rise, now about 1.5 percent above average. Sadly In our country 45 percent of all marriages are that of close family and therefore is the leading cause for genetic illnesses and birth defects for those born of these marriages.

Taking into consideration the social and cultural roots of marriage in our country you can see that more of these marriages are taking place in societies that have a more tribal and traditional build. Societies that tend to lean more to the status quota then to what is scientifically proven correct, and there for by not thinking ahead and taking there offspring’s safety and health into consideration, rob them of the chance to have a fruitful, healthy and full life. So they have these children expecting them to enrich their lives only to face the bitter truth of life with genetic defects. And the heavy emotional, financial and social burden wich accompanies these problems.

Sadly in Iran we can see many of these families and their children who are direct victims of such traditional beliefs and out dated ideologies.

In these marriages there are two direct victims, the parents whose hopes and dreams for a beautiful future for their children are replaced by hopes of less suffering. And second the children themselves who suffer the consequences of these marriages and cannot understand why they are born this way, why they are different and why they stand out. Why they cannot enjoy being a healthy normal child but instead must suffer through life until the day they leave it.

Of these two they are the true victims, they are the victims that cannot speak out!