Forced military service

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My brother is soldier. Hamed, like many other Youth have to do military service to bring on his plans.

 He wants expatriation. Like many other youth of the same age who want to have a better future. If he don’t pass this time, he can’t get passport and exit from Iran.

Military service is Compulsory, which has many disadvantages. The soldiers have named this two years “Speed bump” because they can’t continue education and also this time lower their speed in their plans.

My mother is always worry about him, every week she is waiting for a phone call from Hamed, the call that she fears won’t happen again. Hamed voice puts calm in mother heart and laugh on my mother face.

My brother comes back to the house for leave. The leave is for one day, the day that is valuable for my mother and Hamed’s spouse.

My mom starts crying after hamed goes. This cry is because mother kindness and being away from son.

After him(hamed), the busy day start for my sister in low. She collect money for their immigration. She work in their house, actually she made a workshop there and produce straw for fruit. She is hopeful girl and she believes this difficult days will finish and their future is the best.